CO2 Scrubber (Carbon Dioxide Scrubber)

Welltech CO2 scrubber with the amines inside to remove the CO2 breath out from the athletics.   

During training/ exercise, the CO2 breath out from the athletic is more than 5000ppm.  Without the CO2 control system, the CO2 level in the chamber can goes to >7000ppm in very short time.  Long term training at high CO2 level is not health to athletic and it makes them tired as well.  Higher CO2 Level also affects the scientific analysis.     To keep the CO2 level less than 2000ppm is the international standard.   [remark: CO2 in fresh air is < 450ppm]

Welltech CO2 scrubbers come with different capacity and different flow rates which is suitable for training chamber and sleeping room.       


  • Model: CS-300 , 300L [can absorb 300L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-800 , 800L  [can absorb 800L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-1000 , 1000L  [can absorb 1000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-2000 , 2000L  [can absorb 2000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-5000 , 5000L  [can absorb 5000L CO2 before regeneration] 
  • custom design for larger chamber or more athletics usage  


  • Manual on/off Control;  Timer Control;  CO2 Level Control 
  • LCD Touch Screen Display
  • With Regeneration Function (Noted: No chemical solvent, No compress air)
  • Catalyst Life More Than 10 years

Optional Accessories

  • A combination activated carbon filter removes dust, pollen and unpleasant smells
  • A HEPA filter removes microscopic particles and fungal spores
  • CO2 sensor




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